pátek 3. dubna 2009

Jay Kay o nové desce Jamiroquai

Krátké vyjádření Jay Kaye o nové desce, které bylo dnes ráno publikováno na Funkin.com před víkendovým koncertem v Malajsii.

"This is going to be a fresh start for the band, with a slightly different sound. Now we are going back to the older style, with a lot of brass in it ... not necessarily retro. It's difficult to change your style. Besides, I think the style comes from the voice. But this is certainly something we are looking forward to....It's difficult because you do what you want to do but you also have a huge fan base who likes the first album, in which there is more of an organic, live feel. And there are also people who like the fourth and fifth albums, which are more electronic and programmed."

Což zní docela příjemně, ne ;-)? Celou reportáž si přečtěte zde.

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